Talented Model & Top Influencer Bella Davis

About the stunning Bella Davis shes a Swedish & half Jamaican model on our cover she has more than 10 years experience in the fashion industry and is in the spotlight more than ever today. She is not only a model she also is a top influencer and working with brands like FashionNova, & Hotmiamistyles, Missyempire to name a few she is also an expert when it comes to sports she love to watch sports and to be in the gym on a daily basic.

Today she supports young people to reach their goals and to learn how to have self esteem, knowing the fact Bella have traveled the world and have fans, family and friends all around the world with different cultures and beliefs she is really the one to understands people and knows no matter who you are and what you come from we can all be great.

Miss Davis is a strong , unique and confident girl that is ready for all opportunities coming her way. End of the year she will represent one of her countries in a Beauty Pageant where she have our vote and we got her back. Bella is not only a beautiful face she also have such a class and an outstanding aura.

A statement from her friend is saying : Each day you are around Bella you just want to grow and be a better person and it’s rare to have people like her in your life today

We are so glad and honored to have Bella a Davis as the face of our magazine

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