Emi Colopristi Professional Surfer and founder of Peachy Collection

I’m Emi Colopristi and I’m 23 years old, I was born and raised in Bolzano but now I live in Tenerife. A few years ago I started traveling and thanks to travel I understood many things. I have created my own line of bikini & poncho fitness clothing (founder of Peachy Collection) and obviously I am constantly looking for new ideas, I organize surfing events and various activities in Tenerife with my community that follows me (founder of Tropical Adventures) and I have a YouTube channel with my bodyweight workouts inside! I have always been passionate about any adrenaline sport that made me feel alive.

In fact, since I was little my father always taught me that sport brings together people, in the morning I would get up super happy to go and play football with him, we had created our own women’s team!! I am a very determined person, very cheerful and who loves to create something for others, I love

sharing my whole life also through social media. We also have a family business of agricultural machinery, where my brothers and I are part of it. Right now I’m waiting for my collection line and my 3rd edition of Tropical Adventures.. and then? And then who knows, explore another world.

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