Young CeoInfluencer Boxing Star, Celebrity Boxing Super Middleweight Champion

In 2021, after training mixed martial arts since 2016, Young Ceo starting his boxing career. Rather unconventional going the boxing route considering he spent years training jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts. In his first fight, he won via 2nd round ko against a combat sports veteran of over 10 fights.

Coming from one of the most reputable mixed martial arts gyms in the country, Long Island MMA, training under Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt Brian Michelino. Young Ceo was destined for boxing success after his massive surge in popularity after hist first career fight. In his second fight he beat another multi fight veteran with multiple knockdowns in a very dominating performance.

In 2023 he was given a title shot against a combat sports veteran with 14 fights across boxing, kickboxing and mauy thai. With Brian Michelino and Professional fighter Ashiek Ajim

In his corner, he won the title in a very hard fought split decision victory. The most impressive aspect of the win was the size advantage his opponent had over him. The massive size difference was very apparent.

Young Ceo is set to make his return to boxing at the end of 2023, or early 2024. We look forward to his return and the continuation of his impressive story.

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