Marco Bauer is Mister Supranational Germany 2022

Marco Bauer is Mister Supranational Germany 2022. He is 36 Years old and lives next to Frankfurt, Germany. Marco works as a Sales Manager together with his father in the insurance industry.

He loves to traveling to visit new cities and get to know more about new cultures. He also does a lot of sports. Marco spends most of his free time with his family  and for him it is important to enjoy every moment in life with the people you love .

Mister Supranational Germany describes himself as a very kind person and lives by the mottoL  treat every person like yourself want to be treated .He also supports some charity projects and is actually starting his own project ,which is called Misters for Charity . The first project was about collecting money and Ccothes for the

people from Ukraine because of the current situation . The next project will be about  helping children who
don’t have it easy in Life .

For Marco, being a Mister is not only about being a rolemodel. His personal message that he wants to share with the world is that you can achieve anything by just being yourself. He believes that people have to go their own way to be happy and not listen to what other people say about them. He is looking forward to representing his country at Mister Supranational 2022.

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